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428                                                        GLOSSY BY.

DAS A, in architecture, a string-course.

DEHEI, a threshhold ; also a strip of pavement between two piers of an arcade.

DHAE, stature.

DHERH, a Chamar.

DHEYATX, a daughter's daughter.

DHISG-DHINGI, force, violence.

DHUMAS, (for Sanskrit dhumla\ smoke-coloured, dun, as a cow.

DILA, in architecture, a panel.

DOB&A, a long piece of cloth of doable width, used as a carpet.

DOLA-PAT, the masonry pillars and stone cross-bar sap porting the pulley over a

well worked by bullocks.
DOLI HOKA, to go away.
DOTHAES", early morning, sunrise.

ELAK, a sieve.

a title much affected by Jats and used simply as equivalent to their
caste name.
GAMI (for grdmyd) rustic, clownish,
G-ARAI, the occupation of a grazier (for gwdrai).
&LRIYA&A, or GA.BARA, a cart-track.
GASUA, a brass drinking vessel.
OAUCHH, the moustache.
CTATTBUA, a name given to certain clans of Thakur descent, that  are held in
lower esteem than other branches of the same parent stock, in consequence
of their lax views regarding marriage and other social institutions.
G-HTAUj used by tlie Chaubes for ghL
GOHSTJO, G-QHNJI, a father-in-law, mother-in-law.
GOKH (for gavak&ka), a look-out ; a window on an tipper story with a projecting
(JOLA, a bundle of leaves, fodder, &c., and specially of jkar-fieri.
G-OHAHA, to escort pilgrims.
00NAWA, an escorter of pilgrims.   Brahmans  of this  description are always
going backwards and forwards between Mathura and Briada-ban.
GOT (for gosMka, a cabtle~pen)t aa enclosure usually made by a thorn fence and
used for stacking straw, fuel, &c.» or stalling cattle.
CyUBLAHj a confederacy.
GUNBJL, wicked.
©UTH-JAHA, to close la wrestHng,
HABEATT, escessiv© greed.
HAMBAI, yes.